New Turbine Blades

AT LAST! We have new Aluminium Wind Turbine Blades.

So a photo to match the one with the Wooden Blades. There is more here.


Clearing the Pond in Top Field

The pond has got so clogged with growth, it is time to clear it. Time for help from the Wwoofer who is in Susy's neoprene waders. Very smart!


Truffle's Tree

We have planted a Mountain Ash (Rowan) in memory of our lovely dog, Truffle, who died 8th Oct 2017

We all miss her terribly, but it is nice to have something growing in her memory. It is in the Vegetable Garden by the steps down to the Chicken Run. We pass it several times every day.


Broken Wind Turbine

Another Storm and more broken blades.

Time for a rethink. I am fed up carving blades every two years. There are more photos here.


Wind Turbine with the Moon

A nice shot of the Wind Turbine and Moon


Summer Garden

The Fruits of Susy's Labours........

A Beautiful Terrace and Herb Garden on a Summer Evening


Cat Flap

Our friend Andy has made a very nice Cat Flap.

The photo on the left shows the outside which looks a bit like a Hobbit Door.

The photo on the left shows the inside which when open reveals a Cheshire Cat painted by Corrine.


Rabbit World in Use

Here is Rabbit World complete with houses and rabbits. Wehey!


Rabbit World

Building Rabbit World with the Wwoofers. It is made from Tony's old Trampoline and a roll of strong wire mesh to keep the Rats and Fox out.


Baby Swallows

We have Swallows nesting under the Balconies on the West side of the House. They look really healthy and ready to fly.