A closer Aerial Shot looking North of the Orchard and Crypromeria Garden adjacent. Piles of Mulch are surrounding the Cryptromeria ready to be used.

The plan of this area from Two Green Shoots is to the right.

Cryptomeria and Orchard
Title: Aerial Shots

Here is an Aerial Shot of the Forest Garden at an altitude of 100 metres looking east (North is to the Left). The light brown areas are grass which has been strimmed and cut.

On the right is the original plan from Two Green Shoots also looking east

Aerial shot of the Forest Garden

The old Balcony is now in position as the front of the View Point.

Behind this will be more Wooden Staging and a Board Walk

Old Balcony as View Point

In the Autumn this year we commissioned Adam & Kloe from Two Green Shoots to help with a design for a Forest Garden in the Field.

No More Sheep or Donkeys, it is officially a Forest Garden in the Making. The fence surrounding the Orchard has gone, and the hedge is much smarter.

We have 100 trees or so planted in this area now, and lots of protective hedging to the west (out of shot)

The old Balcony Sides are added to the old Gate Posts as an entrance to the Orchard

Forest Garden Orchard

On the left is a photo on 2012 with the Orchard and Protecting Hedge making slow Progress

On the Right in 2018 the Upper Pond has got choked with growth and needs clearing. You cna see the Orchard Hedge has progressed well in the interval.

Forest Garden

We even removed the grass and planted a Meadow in the Orchard, but for some reason this has failed in subsequent years.

In October with heavy rainfall the Waterfall is in full spate!


We have done plenty of mowing with the big cutter and reduced the Rushes and Bracken.

John Dolan has created two ponds with a waterfall.

Susy is busy planting the Orchard

Pond Created

Both images are taken before we built the Garage, showing how much work was needed to begin with.

Nothing had been done to the land for about 20 years prior to our purchase.

As it was
Title: Just a Field

This was how things were when we bought the place in 2004. This was just a field with mature Rushes and plenty of Bracken.

There was also Fucia and Branbles to a height of 6 metres.

Work to be done!

Checking Soil Acidity
More Rushes